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Just Saw [Insert Movie Title Here]...

...or how my MFA in screenwriting ruined any chance of enjoying a movie like a normal person. If I apply what I've learned to existing films, would it have made a better film?

SPOILER WARNING: Please be advised, I plan to discuss plot points in detail so if you haven't seen the movie and don't want the surprise ruined, stop here.

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Monday, May 08, 2006

Fishing Luck

Written by Tseng Wen-chen and Yuan Ling Yang
Directed by Tseng Wen-chen
Produced by Yeh Ju-feng and Su Li-mei

I'm probably not the target audience for this film which tells the story about Zing (Linda) from Taipei who finds herself stranded on Orchard Island and is befriended by the free spirited locals led by Behong (Biung Wang).

Zing is escaping a broken heart and Behong is looking for love. It is a youthful melodrama of falling in love and broken hearts. Unfortunately, the film doesn't track the emotions of the lovers very well. Each new scene brings with it a new emotion that doesn't carry anything over from the previous scene. For an old, jaded movie goer like myself, I missed the linear unfolding of emotions.

However, the movie does play like the fractured memory of a lost love. It reminded me of what I thought true love was before I hit puberty and started dating for real, of how quickly emotions could be turned on and turned off at a moment's notice and how you sacrifice logic when living moment to moment.

I say I'm not the target audience because I have long since outgrown believing that radio dedications can be a catalyst for true love. That if you throw your ring into the ocean, a quick swim in snorkeling gear will retrieve it.

Fishing Luck plays like an afterschool special for teenagers, painting life and love with gigantic brush strokes where emotions are as big as the ocean. The cynic in me wanted to hate this film but I was charmed by the appeal of the lovers, the scenery and a strong nostalgia for my own lost innocence.


Blogger brappy said...

I just saw this on a bus today in Taiwan. It's an interesting film, especially when you're chinese level is pretty low. :-)

March 15, 2007 3:57 AM  

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